London – Content Television, a division of Content Media Corporation, will debut new 60’ documentary feature Mandela, My Dad and Me at MIPTV, welcoming renowned actor Idris Elba (Long Walk to Freedom, The Wire) to Cannes.

From Elba’s production company Green Door Pictures, Woodcut Media and Shine North, and co-financed by Green Door Pictures and Bob & Co, Mandela, My Dad and Me follows Idris on a journey of self-exploration. After his portrayal of political hero Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom, Idris sets out to record an album of South African music in honour of his idol, with BAFTA award-winning director Daniel Vernon documenting his movements. 

In preparation to play Mandela, Idris took inspiration and strength from another of his role models, his father, Winston. But, just as he is due to commence work on the album, he receives the devastating news that his father has died. What started out as a professional project becomes an increasingly personal mission and the film they originally intended to create evolves into something deeper. Mandela, My Dad and Me not only documents one man’s struggle in producing his first album, but also his emotional quest to pay a fitting tribute to two inspirational men.