Keshet International (KI), the global distribution arm of Keshet Media Group, unveiled its exciting new trivia game show, Trade Up and comedy format Imported. Both will launch at MIPTV 2015.

Trade Up is a trivia game show of risk and reward which can earn families the ride of their lives. Arriving at a huge hangar with various cars of increasing value, two families go head to head to win their dream car. Already seated in the car they want to drive home, each family must work together to answer a trivia question and select the key which represents the right answer to start the engine…but there are two teams playing and only one can win. Each family must employ tactics to make their rival’s game more difficult and “knock them out” – only after they have eliminated their opponents can they turn their attention to winning the prized car. If the key turns in the ignition it’s theirs! But now the family is faced with another dilemma: Do they drive away with the car they have won – or Trade Up to the next one?        

Trade Up presents vast branded content opportunities on and off screen, and has already attracted several major brand partners in Israel.