Hong Kong – PCCW Global and Ooredoo have signed an IPX/MPLS multi-service interconnection agreement. PCCW Global customers all over the world can now enjoy multiple enhanced IPX (IP eXchange) and MPLS services when connecting with Qatar’s thriving commercial service community on the northeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula.

The interconnect agreement also enables PCCW Global and Ooredoo to collaborate in the provisioning of services to carrier and multinational customers requiring services such as VoIPX, GRX, Diameter, HD calling, HD video conferencing, Ethernet, cloud and SDN.

IPX provides a unified network platform for connecting IP services between mobile and fixed networks, while MPLS has become the de facto standard technology used for the transport of these services. PCCW Global’s networks span over five continents worldwide and customers in more than 3,000 cities and some 140 countries can connect to its IPX platform, which also provides multiple services such as video, voice and IT applications via a single interconnection point.

Frederick Chui, PCCW Global’s Senior Vice President of Global Data Sales and Presales, said, “Our IPX network can be directly accessed in 140 countries around the world without having to make use of the public Internet or long-distance connections. Extensive coverage, coupled with the diversified design of PCCW Global’s private MPLS/IP network, ensures direct connection to our IPX voice platform and the highest quality services.”

Qatar is one of the world’s economic hotspots, with an expected 2015 growth rate of 7.7%*. Drivers include a combination of factors in addition to the hydrocarbon industry, such as heavy investment in major infrastructure projects.