Geneva − CERN will be hosting the next CineGlobe International Film Festival on 24 – 29 March. For its fifth edition, CineGlobe celebrates the theme of Convergence. This theme embraces the meeting of minds, methods and meaning of our times.

“The festival is about the convergence of art, cinema and science. This year, CineGlobe witnesses how science is changing the way we tell stories in art and cinema”said Neal Hartmann, the festival’s director.

As the world becomes a global village, CineGlobe bears witness to the process through the moving image.
“CERN is like a global village”, said Director-General Rolf Heuer. “It offers fertile ground for the convergence of science, technology, research, creative process, art and personal expression. It’s a natural place to host such an event.”

The festival itself has three main segments: films, workshops, and interactions. The 31 fiction and 27 non-fiction films have been selected from more than 900 submissions spanning 5 continents.