Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, Inc. (TBS)’s anime character business continues to grow globally. TBS agreed to supply stickers featuring 16 characters from its popular anime series Beyond the Boundary to the free voice call and messenger smartphone application WeChat, which is operated by Tencent, China’s largest IT company.

境界の彼方 (Beyond the Boundary)

Based on the ‘light novel’, as termed in Japan which targets teens and young adult demographic, by Nagomu Torii, Beyond the Boundary is a schoolyard battle action story featuring the character of Akito Kanbara, who was born of a human and a youmu, one of the fearsome monsters that humans battle. Another key character is Mirai Kuriyama, who is an ikaishi, or warrior from another world. Since the program started airing in October, it has established a strong and loyal fan base, and the motion picture Beyond the  BoundaryI’ll Be Here is scheduled to reach theaters across Japan this spring.

TBS has licensed “Beyond the Boundary in markets outside Japan as well, where its popularity continues to rise. In China, the characters of the program have received very enthusiastic support from online communities, thereby inspiring the new sticker service on WeChat.