Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – The 2nd Annual Mongolian TV Forum garnered nearly 200 top level broadcast, entertainment and media executives from Mongolia and around the world. They met at the Blue Sky Hotel to discuss the theme of “The Sustainable Future of Mongolian Television.” Global image, programming trends around the world, piracy and journalistic ethics were topics of discussion.

Nomin Chinbat, CEO of Mongol TV, one of the organisers of the Forum, said, “We are very excited to have so many top level executives join us to discuss the future of Mongolian broadcasting. We are covering several topics of importance to Mongolian media and thank our participants who came from all over the world to share their experience and thoughts for our future growth.”

“I am very pleased to participate at the 2nd Mongolian TV Forum. This exclusive gathering of Mongolian and global executives is a promise that we are delighted to work closely with Mongolia and hold hands as partners. Mongolia is a country rich in entertainment and I look forward to seeing their original content one day soon out in the global marketplace,” said Hyeonza Hong, SVP Sales, Asia for ITV Studios Global Entertainment.