Seoul – CJ E&M has launched Digital Studio to expand its entertainment business to the digital realm. Featuring top independent content creators and personalities of K-Culture, several shows have already garnered a total of 31 million views online.

Nayoung’s 10,000 likes

Digital Studio focuses on developing original and branded content that has multi-platform access across different types of media – such as television, Internet, computer and mobile – in order to optimise the use of CJ E&M’s linear channels along with its digital platforms. The studio also aims to produce lifestyle-themed digital content, including beauty, fashion, food, info-tainment and web drama. Subtitles in English and Mandarin (optional) are available for popular content.

Currently, the lineup of Digital Studio’s original shows includes Pony’s Beauty Diary (self-beauty tutorial), Nayoung’s 10,000 likes (Korean fashion icon Kim Nayoung challenges to get 10,000 likes on her SNS each episode), Gwanghee’s Love Recipe (K-Pop idol ZE:A’s Gwanghee presents Korean food loved by K-Pop fans abroad) and the second season of Miss Korea (a travel reality show, co-produced with MediaCorp, which is  to be broadcast on platforms of both CJ E&M and MediaCorp).