How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular 

Marcoussis, France – Created by DreamWorks Animation, the How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular was produced by the storytellers at DreamWorks Animation and Global Creatures, the masterminds behind the international phenomenon Walking with Dinosaurs, the #1 grossing world tour of 2010. Following its launch in Australia and New Zealand, as well as a successful run in North America, How to Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular landed in China. Over 145,000 spectators turned out to enjoy the premiere at a newly built theatre on the grounds of the Beijing National Stadium – the famous Bird’s Nest, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics

Featuring more than a dozen impressive dragons with 40-foot wingspans, the audio challenge for Rightway Audio Consultants and sound supplier Dadong Huahan was to make the dragons sound as impressive as they looked, while also superbly representing spoken voice and song from the cast of the dragons’ human trainers. And all of this had to be done in a theatre with an in-the-round configuration that was full of reflective surfaces. After rigorous tests, an L-Acoustics KARA and KUDO sound system was chosen to make the production soar.

“54 KARA in nine groups of six are installed for the three sides, and in using KARA and KUDO, we were able to achieve perfect clarity, intelligibility, and precision, as well as a wide dynamic range,” explained Vincent Zhou, Technical Manager at Rightway Audio Consultants. “We especially appreciated KUDO’s customised horizontal directivity, which enabled us to offer a superb audience experience, with crystal clear sound, free of reflections; and since both KARA and KUDO offer extended vertical coverage, the arrays provided even sound distribution, guaranteeing coverage from the last row on top, to the lowest row at the front.”

Soundvision was used to work out an accurate acoustical and mechanical simulation of L-Acoustics speaker systems.