Bishkek, Moscow, Paris – Eutelsat Communications announced at this year’s CSTB Expo in Moscow, that it has signed a multi-year agreement with RPO RMTR, the public broadcaster of the Kyrgyz Republic, that will accelerate the country’s switch to a fully digital broadcasting environment.

RPO RMTR is using the high-power service area of the EUTELSAT 70B satellite to broadcast a free-to-air platform of national channels to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) towers and direct to homes beyond terrestrial reception. One in five of the 1.2 million TV homes in the Kyrgyz Republic is already equipped with a dish, with the country’s highly mountainous terrain making satellite particularly efficient for achieving 100% penetration of digital TV.

Comprising four TV and three radio channels, the RPO RMTR platform went live in November and was launched commercially this month. The offer is expected to ramp up rapidly in 2015 to 16 TV and eight radio channels, with further services planned for the future.

The Vice Minister of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic, Ainura Temirbekova, stated, “We are excited about the fruitful cooperation between RPO RMTR and Eutelsat for the successful implementation of digital satellite TV. This project for the broadcasting of the Kyrgyz Republic’s public channels via EUTELSAT 70B satellite allows us to cover the entire territory of the country. The population of the Kyrgyz Republic is now able to receive all public TV and radio channels anywhere in our country.”