Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – The 29th edition of Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) continued to resonate well with Malaysian viewers when the annual song-writing competition raked in a colossal viewership of 6 million during its live telecast on TV3 Malaysia on 18 January, while dominating channel share by 57.3%.

Since its inception in 1986, AJL has been paying homage to the Malaysian music industry by honouring composers, lyricists and singers in the ultimate battle between 12 shortlisted songs to clinch the coveted Juara Lagu title. The production remains one of Primeworks Studios’ most successful formats to date, being one of the most top-watched programmes on Malaysian television each year.

The challenge to keep the theme fresh and engaging each year is a task that Primeworks Studios’ content development team, led by Nor Shahila Harun Shah, gladly accepts. Shahila shared, “Being a music competition, our content developer, Siti Murni Ayu, and I went with a back-to-basics approach and chose to highlight the delicate importance of musical instruments in sound production through its theme, “Gema dalam Muzik” (“Sounds of Music”). Besides the set design, we shone light on the theme through the focus on the live orchestra, as well as through the opening and interlude performances. To ensure our production is of international quality, AJL is shot in high definition (HD) and recorded in Dolby 5.1 format.”