Top 10 Designers of 2014

New York – Fashion One, the premiere fashion, entertainment and lifestyle international broadcaster, announced its annual year-end list of the most influential fashionable figures of 2014.

2014 has been a notable year for the fashion industry. The most respected designers, from the established and influential, to breakthrough names, have been very busy not only creating collections but also creating headlines with their milestones and accomplishments. Michael Kors became the fashion industry’s latest billionaire. Victoria Beckham opened her first store and topped Management Today magazine’s list of Britain’s 100 foremost entrepreneurs in 2014. Alexander Wang celebrated H&M’s 10th year of high-end fashion designer collaborations with a very successful collection for the Swedish retailer. These and more noteworthy fashion masterminds of the year make up the network’s list in the Top 10 Designers of 2014 countdown special.

From the runways in London, Paris, Milan and New York, Fashion One goes straight to the red carpets in Hollywood. The Top 10 Stylish Celebrities of 2014 reveals the entertainment industry artists whose fashion sense and trending style made an impact in the fashion grapevine. Lupita Nyong’o started the year donned in designer gowns during the awards season and topped the best-dressed lists. Pharrell Williams’ cool and chic style paired with his signature hats has definitely caught the eye of the fashion scene including Japanese retail brand UNIQLO. We cannot ‘shake off’ 1989 music pop star, Taylor Swift, from the most stylish list. She not only smashed the music billboard records but also conquered the style charts.