Singapore – Beach House Kids, a division of Beach House Pictures (BHP), is embarking on a new and very scary project.

The multi-award winning production company has secured exclusive rights to the hit kids horror books Mr Midnight written by James Lee.

The series, now totalling 85 titles and more than 160 stories, gives a unique and contemporary spin to ghosts, ghoulies and other things that go bump, rattle and roll in the night.

Described as Asia’s own Harry Potter, Mr Midnight has sold more than 2.7 million copies across the region including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. It has been translated into over six languages, and is rolling out to other markets, including Australia and North America in the coming year.

Beach House Kids, which this year won three Rainbow Awards and also a nomination at the upcoming Asian Television Awards for Kids vs. Film (Discovery Kids Asia), is already at work developing an initial 13-part television series aimed at tweens. It is also discussing co-production partnerships with several international broadcasters.