Singapore – Malaysia’s own Nur Fazura Sharifuddin (Nur Fazura) is set to make history as the star of Facing Up To Fazura, a 5 x 30’ Malaysian miniseries for E! – the pop culture powerhouse of NBCUniversal International Television. Set to premiere across Asia on Sunday, 14 December 2014 at 9pm (SG) – and air weekly in this timeslot – Facing Up To Fazura is the first-ever E! miniseries to feature a Malaysian personality.

The docudrama will offer viewers unprecedented access to this polarising personality’s life, loves, challenges, triumphs and joys in everyday life as a leading entertainment and fashion socialite in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Throughout the series, viewers will be treated to an in-depth and unscripted look at Nur Fazura’s often-controversial life on and off the camera.

“I never imagined that anyone would be interested to showcase my life, let alone have a whole series planned around me for E! I feel so blessed and humbled at the same time,” said Nur Fazura. “I have always been a private person so having a reality show does make me a little nervous. I am showing everyone my world and I really hope they enjoy what they see.”

The miniseries is part of NBCUniversal International Television’s commitment to Asian productions and celebrity stories. It will also feature a host of cameos and guest appearances by many of Nur Fazura’s famous friends and colleagues from the worlds of entertainment, film and fashion.

“E!’s success is driven by the exclusive access to celebrities and Facing up to Fazura is a perfect fit for our channel,” said Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Universal Networks International, Asia-Pacific. “E! combines the best of Hollywood with the breakout stars from Asia and we are excited to build on our commitment to the local entertainment industry and shine the spotlight on this Malaysian artist and bring her to the global stage.”