JCC, the pan-Arab media organisation that aims to reach Arab children and young people across the world will mark its presence on the map of global competition through its participation in world-class industry events MIP Junior and MIPCOM held in Cannes. JCC has been present at MIPCOM since 2010 and its presence at such a high-profile industry event is a building block to demonstrate the latest developments and offerings the organisation provides today

Through its participation in this year’s edition of MIP Junior and MIPCOM, JCC aims to expand its international network of content producers to continue to enhance its programming. JCC will primarily focus on obtaining new content in various genres. For JeemTV the special focus will be on live action series, animated series and movies suitable for 7-12 years old, while for Baraem TV focus will be on edutainment series for preschoolers.

JCC’s Acting Executive General Manager and Channels’, Director Saad Al Hudaifi, said, “JCC’s continuous presence at international content industry events helps building new avenues for collaboration and opportunities to engage with other global industry players. Our channels offer a mix of programmes that are carefully produced and selected to meet and exceed audience expectations. We have integrated a child centric brand that caters to the modern needs of Arab children and a generation of new media adopters, with a brand that offers a full scale, 360 degree proposition over multiple platforms. Therefore, MIP Junior and MIPCOM are the perfect platforms to keep us in the forefront of the latest offerings in children’s TV industry which is reflected in our programming.”

This year JCC wants to introduce to international audience exceptional programmes such as Tijan AnnourHoly Qur’an Recitation Contest, Shams & Rami, Uncle Mosleh’s Tales, Jawla, Kalila & Dimna, Everything’s Rosie. These are programmes that guide children through life, and inspire them to be good citizens by instilling and encouraging strong values and ideals.

JeemTV’s competitive 360 degree content strategy is intuitive and carefully selected for 7 to 12 year-olds, offering entertaining content that is family-safe. By, introducing an engaging 360 degrees media proposition we want to provide children with opportunities to learn across multiple platforms. At the same time, Baraem TV provides content and materials to help parents, nurseries and kindergarten teachers meet the developmental needs of their children. It provides content to help children develop vital social and life skills including intuitive learning and concentration.