Globo’s production Trail of Lies aired this 30 September on MundoFox’s primetime. Trail of Lies has already been licensed to air in several countries across Latin America, Africa and Europe, as one of Globo’s highlights for MIPCOM.

MundoFox is the newest Spanish-language broadcast network in the U.S., based in Los Angeles, California.

Written by Walcyr Carrasco – author of several blockbuster hits such as the remake of Gabriela and The Thorn and the RoseTrail of Lies won over Brazilian audiences with its intense plot and comic characters. The plot averaged of 36 rating points and a 61% share in Globo’s primetime. The ending chapter scored 48 rating points and a share of 75% (Source: Ibope) — three of every four registered households were tuned into Globo to watch the ending. The telenovela also won over audiences in Portugal. Broadcast by SIC, Trail of Lies ranked among the top 10 most watched TV shows in the country.

Set in the wealthy and bustling city of São Paulo, Trail of Lies tells the story of Paloma (Paolla Oliveira – Irrational Heart), a wilful woman whose newborn baby is kidnapped by her own brother, Félix (Mateus Solano – Seize the Day), in a plot to become the sole heir to their family’s fortune. Bruno (Malvino Salvador – Looks & Essence), in turn, is an honest man who loses his wife and son on that very same night and, in a twist of fate, finds Paloma’s baby abandoned in a dumpster. Fate will cross their paths in a plot filled with secrets, revelations, and conflicts, with unpredictable consequences of lives spun over a dangerous and startling web of lies.