MIPCOM – FremantleMedia is set to put TV buyers into a trance as it snaps up the global format rights (excluding French speaking territories) to Satisfaction’s hit entertainment format Stars Under Hypnosis. Launching at MIPCOM, Stars Under Hypnosis is a TV event format which will take audiences into the mysterious and fascinating world of hypnosis. 

Eight celebrities surrender themselves, and their minds, as they enter the immersive world of hypnosis and undertake a series of unbelievable experiences that will amuse and amaze audiences. The French version of Star Under Hypnosis produced by Arthur for France’s TF1, featured the talented and gifted hypnotist Messmer. The TV event captured audiences and featured of a mixture of live stage events with a studio audience and pre-recorded segments. Having aired over a two hour slot on TF1, the show launched to 5.1 million viewers and outperformed its network share by 27%; 34% in the commercial target and 50% among younger adults.

Rob Clark, Director of Global Entertainment Development, FremantleMedia, said, “Stars Under Hypnosis is a fantastic new entertainment format which made me laugh from start to finish. The format is ideal for any network looking for a broad family entertainment show.”

Arthur Essebag, Producer and Founder of Satisfaction – The Television Agency, added, “Satisfaction is very happy to work with FremantleMedia on Stars Under Hypnosis, and is sure they will do an amazing job selling it all over the world.”

The French version of Star Under Hypnosis featured a variety of experiments that showcased Messmer’s hypnosis powers. Guests were transported by Messmer’s captivating voice and took part in tasks such as hypno-transportation – where the celebrity is hypnotised, transported to an unknown location and then woken to find themselves in an strange and awkward situation, a presenter suddenly being able to speak Chinese and being attacked by imaginary insects, a celebrity hypnotised into thinking that he is a burglar and having the irrepressible desire to steal everything in sight, guests of the show thinking that they are naked on live television and guests being made to think that they are cavemen and whilst being chased by mammoths. Each celebrity was able to watch videos of them under hypnosis for the first time during the live TV show.