Los Angeles ─ Pacific Television Centre (PacTV), a Los Angeles-based independent global transmission and production company, announced the upcoming PacTV Singapore Hub. The three-part expansion will consist of a new managed HD-SDI router located in Singapore, expanded connectivity into and out of the area and the expansion of PacTV Downlinks-on-Demand (DOD) content aggregation system into Asia.

PacTV’s Singapore Hub is a major step forward for the rapidly growing company that has deep roots in the Asia-Pacific region. “PacTV has always played a role in distributing content into this area,” said Richard Neri, President, PacTV. “With this new hub we are hoping to make things easier and offer our customers innovative technologies that support their evolving broadcast needs.”

PacTV will establish a managed HD-SDI router in Singapore, which will enable PacTV clients anywhere to access or distribute content 24/7 into and out of the Southeast Asia region. This new Hub will be connected to various Asian broadcasters including Mediacorp, the national broadcaster of Singapore. With the direct connection to Mediacorp, PacTV will be able to offer a number of broadcast services for its Australian and other international clients. “By combining PacTV’s network management and Mediacorp’s strong production, aggregation, and news infrastructure, we hope to build a one-stop shop for our clients’ broadcast needs,” said Nick Castaneda, VP of Development, PacTV.