Fred Media’s highly successful The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner will be back for another season on the Nine Network.

The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner

The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner follows the busy schedule of Australian Reptile Park General Manager Tim Faulkner, as he tackles the daily challenges of running one of Australia’s most action packed wildlife parks.

Distributed by Fred Media, Series 2 (20 x 30’) will see Tim Faulkner hatching baby alligators, tagging rock wallabies, releasing turtles and travelling deep into the Australian outback in search of rare and bizarre species to tick off his ‘bucket list’.

Also, in this series, it’s time to meet Tim’s young son Bill, as he shares his dad’s passion for wildlife conservation. One of his first lessons is the challenge of ‘how to train your Komodo dragon’.