BBC Worldwide ANZ has licensed a package of natural history programmes to the Nine Network Australia, including premiere titles Life Story, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Tigers about the House, filmed in Australia and Inside the Animal Mind.

Told from the perspective of individual animals, Life Story, narrated by Sir David Attenborough follows these animals on their journey from birth to parenthood. Each episode focuses on one stage of life, starting with those crucial first few days and moving through the challenges of the grown-up world – from power struggles to the search for a suitable mate – and finally parenthood where survival of their offspring becomes life’s purpose. Filmed in 4K resolution, offering ultra-high definition footage, Life Story showcases the triumphs, tragedies and joy these animals experience on a daily basis.

Tigers about the House is a four-part series that follows Giles Clarke, a tiger keeper at Australia Zoo, as he takes on the challenge of raising two Sumatran tiger cubs Spot and Stripe in his family home, to give them a better chance of survival. Born in August 2013, the cubs are the first in the zoo’s 43 year history. The Sumatran tiger is the most critically endangered tiger species on the planet and Spot and Stripe will contribute to a vital international breeding programme as well as raising awareness about the plight of their wild cousins.

Do animals think and what do they know? A revolution is occurring in how science understands animal minds and it is providing remarkable answers. Inside the Animal Mind overturns long-standing theories about how animals think, revealing the truth about how they understand the world around them. This fascinating series explores these breakthroughs through three, iconic creatures – dogs, birds and dolphins – and discovers how the origins and causes of animals’ cognitive abilities lie in their environment.

Other programmes in the package include the Emmy-award winning Life, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Wild China, a series which lifts the veil on the world’s most enigmatic and magnificent countries and Human Planet, a breath-taking celebration of the amazing, complex, profound and sometimes challenging relationship between humankind and nature.