StarHub TV customers will soon be able to enjoy their favourite programming from Celestial Movies (CM) and Celestial Classic Movies (CCM) at their convenience. From July 1, CM and CCM will be made available On Demand on StarHub TV.

Called Celestial Movies On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 870) and Celestial Classic Movies On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 871), viewers can also look forward to watching Hong Kong, Korean and Japanese programmes in their original language, with the option of choosing between English and Chinese subtitles.

Key programmes in July on Celestial Movies On Demand, include If You Are The One, a Chinese romantic comedy, Reign of Assassins, a 2010 Wuxia film set in the Ming Dynasty, and Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, a romantic comedy starring popular artistes Louis Koo, Daniel Wu and Gao Yuan Yuan. On Celestial Classic Movies On Demand, viewers can look forward to watching some of the most popular Wuxia movies of all times, such as Come Drink with MeThe Sentimental Swordsman, and The 14 Amazons.