Hangzhou, China – Magic Wonderland, a 3D animation movie that is the result of three years of effort by Zoland Animation, will be released in cinemas across mainland China on May 30. As the first movie released by Zoland Animation, Magic Wonderland is expected to quickly become a hit leading up to and on the upcoming Children’s Day due to its fantasy, story of mother-daughter love, aesthetic and exquisite Chinese elements, Asian-style animation characters, as well as uncanny magic effects and grand war scenes.

Magic Wonderland

The movie tells the story of the magic journey undertaken by the young girl, Ocean, in the search for and the rescue of her mother. The television series has been played in reruns on more than 100 domestic TV channels including CCTV-14, Golden Eagle Cartoon Channel, Beijing KAKU Cartoon Satellite TV, and ZTV-8 since 2008. The series was also broadcast on Nickelodeon as well as several other international TV channels. It also won the Best Film Award at the Accolade Competition. The television series has become a hit in terms of both public praise and sales.