Launch of a new Pan TV signal – Asia

iConcerts HDTV, a 100% live music channel launched in 2008, is today broadcasted in 85 countries around the world (Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa). From June 2014, iConcerts will strengthen its distribution offer with the launch of a specific signal for the whole of Asia. The signal will be more in line with regional means of consumption and local specificities. It will also include a true Asian Prime time (based on Singapore time), optimised programming with concerts and live sessions of local artists as well as special operations around major live events.

Production of exclusive original programmes

Since December 2013, iConcerts France, a subsidiary of the group’s production, has produced over 40 exclusive short programmes “iConcerts News”. The concept: iConcerts seeks to meet artists who have already gained recognition or “newcomers” who share their musical experiences through live music. Accompanied by an exclusive live session or a performance captured on stage, this weekly programme is already available via partners distributing the iConcerts HDTV channel and iConcerts VOD service. Other original programmes are under preparation.