Hong Kong – As Valentine’s Day approaches, TVB has produced cross-boundary Valentine’s specials which will be broadcast to audiences in different regions through partnerships with a number of TV broadcasters or production units in Japan (Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd / Media Asia Group Holdings Limited), Korea (KBSN), Singapore (StarHub) and Malaysia (Astro) for the first time. 

With the theme of A Time Of Love, the programmes will include four hourly music movies featuring top artistes from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. TVB organised a grand international press conference at TVB City in Hong Kong on January 22, 2014 with casts and executives from various TV broadcasters, attracting a multitude of global media during the occasion.

From left: Ms Hew Su Yen, Head of Sales, Chinese Channels (TVB) Media Sales of Astro; Mr Kim Choon-Kil, Vice President of KBSN; Mr S K Cheong, General Manager of TVB; Dr Lam Kin Ngok, Peter, Chairman of Media Asia Group Holdings Limited; Ms Lee Soo Hui, Head of Media Business Unit of StarHub

The production crew arrived at Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for shooting. TVB artistes Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Wong Cho Lam, Ben Wong and Luk Wing; Taiwanese artiste James Wen; Korean artiste Yeon Jung Hoon, Reina Ikehata from Japan and Malaysian artiste Chris Tong attended the global premiere at TVB City.