On January 7, 2014, TVB’s founder and long-serving Chairman Sir Run Run Shaw passed away at home, aged 107. As Executive Chairman, he led TVB to become HK’s leading TV station and a global leader in the Chinese language TV industry. He served at the helm for 30 years. 

Following the announcement, Celestial Classic Movies will pay tribute with special programmin“æ°¸é æ‡·å¿µé‚µé€¸å¤«> ç´€å¿µç‰¹è¼¯”. The programme will air  on January 18, 2014. “Shaw Showcase: In Memory of Sir Run Run Shaw é‚µæ°å¤§ç‰Œæª”ä¹‹æ°¸é æ‡·å¿µé‚µé€¸å¤«”will feature interviews with the iconic Shaw Brother’s stars as they pay tribute to the achievements of Sir Run Run during his career.