This December, the Asia Television Form & Market and ScreenSingapore will see companies from 60 countries, including 30 first-time companies. The Singapore Pavilion will feature more than 70 film, television and animation companies with over 600 hours of content to offer.

At a press conference at Marina Bay Sands on November 25, 2013, Yeo Chun Cheng, Assistant CEO (Industry), Media Development Authority, said: “There is no lack of money for Singapore films these days, and lots of financiers are interested in Singapore.”

Yeo Chun Cheng, Assistant CEO (Industry), MDA

“In the last few years, we have realised that we have enough talent, and the strategy for us is really giving them the opportunity to create and showcase their work. ScreenSingapore and ATF are one of the platforms that the industry has to showcase our content to the world, and we’re quite pleased with the development.”