Cannes – Hi-5 Group has announced that it will be entering into a collaboration venture with Tri Viet Media to launch its first Asia adaptation of the popular children’s TV show Hi-5 in 2014. Production is slated for late October 2013 and the programme is set to air on HTV 3 in March 2014. 

Citing excitement for the new venture is Madam Le Thi Phuong Thuy, Chairperson of Tri Viet Media said: “We’re more than happy to be the official right partner of the Hi-5 shows in Vietnam. 

This opportunity will bring more choices, more fun, more education and moreover, higher quality to our kids in Vietnam on HTV3 channel from next year. Investment for kids is always important for our future.”

The local Hi-5 cast will be put together via a nationwide search that will span all major Vietnamese cities. Hi-5 Group will assist in the process by involving top production personnel from Australia who will judge the final candidates chosen to anchor the Vietnamese version. 

“Everything down to the set, costumes and lighting plans, how many songs to be adapted, the selection of cast members, is being discussed as we speak. We are so excited to work with the Tri Viet Team.” says Julie Greene, executive creative director and producer of the Australian Hi-5 since 2004.