Singapore – Toggle has announced that it has secured a three-year agreement with Sanlih E-Television for a large volume of their top-quality programming.

The deal brings more than 2000 hours from Sanlih’s broad range of catalogue, with current series such as The Womanizer, PSZhong Wu YenThe Fierce Wife, popular Idol drama series like You’re My Destiny, My MVP Valentine MVPThe Prince Who Turns into a Frog, as well as long running Hokkien series like Lee’s Family Reunion and Unique Flavor. These and more will be made available on-demand from October 7, 2013.

Commenting on the agreement, Philip Koh, Managing Director, Convergent Media Division said: “We are delighted to partner Sanlih to bring their extensive portfolio of popular Taiwanese series to Toggle, and offer our subscribers a range of new series, library Idol drama and dialect programming. Toggle will continue to expand on the new mode of on-demand consumption and meet the market’s need for premium content to access via their internet connected devices.”

Commenting on the agreement, Vivian Hsieh, VP, International Sales, Sanlih said: “We are proud to have MediaCorp as a partner to offer our top-quality programmes to Toggle subscribers. We believe that in this new internet age, access to content via the multitude of devices, is of paramount importance. Toggle’s ability to provide anywhere on-demand access is a step in the right direction.”