Kuala Lumpur– The creative content industry in Malaysia has grown exponentially over the last few years. With a wealth of talent, infrastructure and government funding available in Malaysia, the country has penetrated the global content industry in a multitude of platforms such as TV, Film, Animation, Games, Mobile content etc. Much of the country’s creative content has been exported overseas, and Malaysia has truly proven themselves as a contending player in the international market.

GCMA has established itself within the region as the gateway agency for local and foreign companies that wish to enter the market and grow their company. The company has a wealth of knowledge, experience and a large industry network that will provide the much needed intermediary assistance to assist companies in facilitating their operations. 

CEO Adam Ham 

The service offerings in GCMA have grown in tandem with the market to help add value to the studios and its community; offering a full spectrum of PR and Marketing services as well as funding advisory, event coordination, business matching and assistance for licensing and merchandising for the creative industry. 

The company services have been designed to allow for the creative industry to focus on what they do best which is to create content and GCMA will help grow that content and develop the business accordingly.

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