Produced in Japan, the 24-hour English-language channel NHK WORLD TV is already broadcast in 140 countries to 260 million households, and is now available to Foxtel subscribers via GlobeCast Australia’s D3 satellite capacity.
CCTV-9 Documentary Channel is sister channel to CCTV’s Chinese and Asian news channel CCTV News, and is the first dedicated English-language Chinese documentary channel with worldwide coverage. Produced in Beijing, the channel will be available to Foxtel subscribers through an existing GlobeCast Australia/ Foxtel agreement.
CCTV9-Documentary will feature historical and natural geography documentaries such as The Road to Discovery which includes a focus on archaeological exploration. 

NHK WORLD TV will help Australians explore Japan with programmes such as Journeys in Japan – where reporters travel around Japan, meet people, explore the local culture and offer travel hints rarely found in guidebooks.

The leading provider of broadcast services for Australia and New Zealand, GlobeCast Australia is dedicated to delivering high quality content to support Foxtel’s Australian platform.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO said, “It is more important than ever that Australians understand and engage with the Asian region. These two high quality, English language channels will make a valuable contribution to that engagement.

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