ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio “Gabby” Lopez III said on August 30 that the country’s largest multimedia conglomerate is opening its doors to Filipinos who have ideas for online shows and dream of having their concepts produced into new programmes and content material on the internet.

ABS-CBN chairman Eugenio ‘Gabby’ Lopez III at the 7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit

In his keynote presentation at the 7th Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit titled “Insights About Innovation: Online and Offline Synergies,” Lopez announced ABS-CBN’s plan to replicate video-sharing website YouTube’s project that funded original channels for celebrities, online video creators, and Hollywood studios.

Lopez said ABS-CBN will be choosing five or more ideas for online content, which will be funded, produced, and put out on an appropriate online platform. Ideas and concepts can be sent to collabstudio@abs-cbn.com before the end of the year.

“What YouTube is doing for the rest of the world, ABS-CBN would like to do for the IMMAP members and the Philippines. If you have an idea, let’s collaborate. This is exactly how: Send us your content ideas that you think will work on the digital space,” he said.

“We will promote them aggressively. And like what they do on YouTube, we will go into a revenue-sharing partnership,” said Lopez.