Following news that Macau’s Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation (DSRT) received a letter of intent jointly signed by most antenna companies, the Macau Daily Times reported that the companies have signed an agreement to use their networks to relay the TV signals provided by Cable TV. 

“After a number of discussions, this short-term solution obtained a consensus among each party. Officially signing the cooperation agreement today marked a solution to a historical remnant, the public antenna problem,” stated the DSRT in a press release yesterday.

Present at the signing ceremony, director of the Legal Affairs Bureau (DSAJ) Cheong Weng Chon said the government will pay Cable TV an initial MOP3.8 million and then MOP0.98 million per month until April 2014 when Cable TV’s concession contract ends, according to the report. Cable TV expressed its dissatisfaction with the government’s payment as the company will be “paying out of its own pocket” to carry out the procedure, added the report.

The Macau Daily Times also reported that Cable TV declared its waiver of seeking compensation from the antenna companies, but that it has not decided whether to withdraw its compensation claim from the government.

“At the moment, if we redeem the concession contract, without mentioning the legal matters posed by Cable TV, we would have to pay between MOP200 and 300 million,” said Tou Veng Keong, head of DSRT at the AL plenary meeting yesterday.