iN DEMAND has partnered with Seven Stars Media Limited, a leading Chinese media company run by Bruno Wu and Bob Benya, to deliver its content services for distribution in China. The content is planned to feature sports, music programming and extensive lifestyle content covering areas such as travel, home and garden, and parenting. The content delivered is set to expand over time to supply a broad variety of other niche channels.

iN DEMAND will license, process and deliver content to Seven Stars, who plan to distribute via branded blocks on cable through MSO’s in China with a target audience of 80 million households, and through OTT / IPTV operators and web portals to reach China’s 500 million web users.

In addition, iN DEMAND will provide Chinese language on demand movies to cable systems in the U.S. through its digital and set-top VOD platforms.  This agreement signals a partnership between the two parties which is expected to evolve and add multiple projects across the media landscape, including expanded content packages. The first programming is expected to begin distribution later in 2013.