Shanghai Microsoft announced the official launch of Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform in China. PPTV will have the opportunity to further develop the domestic multi-screen TV service, lead the export of domestic TV programmes and accelerate the business development of its Asian TV Network in China.

In July 2012, PPTV and Microsoft signed a strategic partnership memorandum to launch PPTV ATN (Asia TV Networks) based on Windows Azure Cloud Platform worldwide. Considering the great potential abroad, with over 100 million overseas users, PPTV began its preparations for the cloud-based ATN platform two years ago, with the aim of creating an easy-to-use cloud platform for overseas customers to offer pay-TV services at a low cost. Supported by Windows Azure, PPTV ATN’s global operations have expanded into nearly 12 countries and regions, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe and North America.