Singapore – StarHub TV has announced that following the premiere of Lady First – Singapore on May 20 on E City, it has generated a sudden spike in visitor traffic to its official micro-site by eight-fold.  Featured Products was the most visited page by viewers who were keen to try the list of products introduced or demonstrated by the beauty gurus in Lady First – Singapore. This is the first time a programme on StarHub TV has successfully achieved synergy in three core areas – attracting viewers to watch the programme, increased interactivity with viewers via StarHub TV Buddy (the second screen app), and accessing of programme-related information on the micro-site, at the same time.

The 13-part magazine show features celebrated artiste Pauline Lan as the host, alongside Lady First’s resident stylists Kevin Chou, Wu Yi Lin and Xiao Kai, all of whom are renowned beauty and fashion experts in Taiwan. Lady First – Singapore is currently screening on E City, complimentary to all of StarHub TV’s subscribers. Lady First – Singapore will also be made available on StarHub TV Anywhere to allow viewers to catch the programme on the move.