According to The China Post, Control Yuan President Chien-shien WANG has said that allowing international news programmes produced by mainland China’s CCTV and Hong Kong’s Phoenix Television to be broadcast in Taiwan would be a good thing for the country. It adds that Wang further voiced his support for former Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF) Chairman Pin-kung CHIANG who recently made such a statement during a Koo-Wang Talks 20th anniversary event, stirring up a significant amount of controversy among politicians and members of the media.

During a Koo-Wang Talks anniversary event, Chiang said the government cannot solve the problems of Taiwanese media through legislation, and that the only way is to introduce quality programmes from abroad, such as those from broadcasters that feature more international news, including Hong Kong’s Phoenix Television and mainland China’s CCTV. However, when asked to respond to the controversy that his comments had stirred, Chiang declined to comment, according to local reports, as reported by The China Post.