New York – Syfy Ventures has launched Lost Girl: The Game, a free mobile gaming app available for download on iOS and Android devices. The all-new game offers fans of the supernatural drama Lost Girl, an interactive, mission-based experience inspired by the original Syfy series. The game launched together with the Season 3 finale of the series on April 22.

Featuring an original storyline, written by the series’ writers, the game – developed by Complex Games, invites fans to create a customised Fae character that they can use to venture through exciting new mysteries set in the virtual world of Lost Girl. Users can get a taste of the world of the Fae by creating their own avatars, embarking on missions and uncovering hidden objects, in order to score points and unlock levels.

“Fans of Syfy’s Lost Girl will have a new platform to explore the Lost Girl world,” said Jeff Li, Vice President, Syfy Ventures. “Our Lost Girl fans are clamoring for new ways to engage with the hit series. We are thrilled to work with our media partners at Shaw Media and Prodigy Pictures to bring Lost Girl to new platforms.”