Los Angeles – Rive Gauche Television will debut true crime series Catch My Killer (6×60) and Pretty Bad Girls (6×60), produced by M2 Pictures, as well as Most Likely To… (6×60), produced by Picture Shack Entertainment at MIPTV next month. The three series are currently airing on U.S. Investigation Discovery.

Catch My Killer invites viewers on an emotional journey between past and present as unsolved homicide cases are reopened. The series shows how time, technology and burdens of the past combine to rehash old cases and open old wounds in an effort to solve haunting whodunit mysteries, finally put the culprit behind bars, and give loved ones long-awaited peace of mind. Pretty Bad Girls shows what happens when beautiful women have more than killer clothes in their closets. Sometimes they have skeletons too. These sexy criminals know exactly what they want and are willing to do anything to get it, no matter the cost. After all, living a life of crime is easy when your looks could kill and sex is your weapon of choice.

Whatever happened to the Prom King and Queen? What about the student voted most likely to succeed? Their families and communities have the highest hopes and expectations for their future, but people’s lives don’t always turn out the way you thought they would.  Sometimes even the most illustrious student’s life can take a terrible turn and end up being wrapped up in a horrid crime.  Most Likely To… tells the story of celebrated students whose lives don’t turn out the way anyone expected.