Antwerp, Belgium – Fashion One, the international channel for fashion, entertainment and lifestyle television, has announced its expansion in South Africa with the launch of Fashion One Africa feed on TopTV, a satellite TV network service provider in South Africa. The new feed will be available on TopTV channel 179 nationwide starting next month with content covering the latest international fashion, entertainment, and lifestyle news, profiles of A-list celebrities, luxury brands, holiday destinations, and red carpet events.

In addition to a line-up of original programming including reality shows, documentaries, beauty tips and street styling, Fashion One will start covering more major African cultural events from art, music, dance and food, and shine light on the best of local fashion designers, creative talents and innovative design within the region. The channel will debut with fashion news series, Fashion Frontline, and African Fashion International 2012, where viewers can get exclusive, front row pass to African designers and runway access. Viewers will also enjoy Eco Fashion, an on-going documentary series and Yoga, Health and Well-being, a lifestyle series.