(From Left) Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, CEO, Astro.jpg; Brian Lenz, Chief Innovation Officer, Astro.jpg; Liew Swee Lin, Chief Commercial Officer, Astro.jpg; Henry Tan, COO, Astro

Melbourne, Australia – Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Astro) has launched its Astro On-The-Go (AOTG) service, which aims to cater to Malaysians anywhere in the world to enjoy the best of Malaysian content, live sports and breaking news. Astro launched the service in Melbourne, Australia. According to the company, almost 150,000 Malaysians reside in Australia, making it an important market.

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, Chief Executive Officer of Astro, said, “Today marks a historic milestone for Astro and Malaysia. We have taken a giant leap forward in making our Malaysian content available to Malaysians living abroad, and have taken our first step to becoming a global brand. Leveraging on our unique position, to provide the best content across all platforms, making Malaysian culture, music and content internationally accessible, not just in Australia, but also the UK, USA and wherever Malaysians go in the world through Astro On-The-Go. Astro On-The-Go is a versatile and innovative service that enables all Malaysians in Malaysia and worldwide to enjoy a seamless and personalised viewing experience and access the best of Astro TV, Radio and Video-On-Demand across multiple devices be it on smartphones, tablets or laptops anytime, anywhere.”

With immediate effect, Malaysians travelling and residing abroad will be able to follow LIVE breaking news including a special coverage on the upcoming Malaysian General Elections, 24/7coverage on local happenings and in-depth analysis in both English and Malay on Astro Awani as well as cheer on their favourite teams via live local sporting events on Astro Arena. In Malaysia, existing Astro customers can subscribe to the AOTG service and enjoy up to 21 linear channels, live sports events, catch up content and VOD for only RM25 every month. AOTG is also available to all Malaysians including non-Astro customers in Malaysia too, a new segment of customers altogether who are now empowered to view Astro content as and when they wish.