Y.Bhg Datuk Kamal Khalid, COO, Group Shared Services of Media Prima Berhad


Q: What are the threats that Media Prima faced in 2012?

A: 2012 was a challenging operating year due to economic problems in various economies around the world. Although the domestic economy in Malaysia was relatively healthy, we have a very open economy and we are not immune to global uncertainties. As a result, advertisers were cautious with their spending and we had to work harder to sustain our profitability. We are thankful that we succeeded in recording moderate growth for 2012.


Q: What challenges did you encounter over the past year and how was it handled?

A: Operationally, the media landscape is changing rapidly and consumption patterns are moving away from traditional means. The increasing popularity of smart devices and greater broadband penetration means that people rely less on linear scheduling and linear viewing because they have access to more content, whenever and wherever they want it.

Having said that, there are several things working in our favour. Firstly, we have reach and still a significant share of the market – our four channels command about 46% of viewer share. Secondly, we are platform agnostic and available everywhere – via traditional analogue means, via satellite, cable or internet. Thirdly, we have been fortunate to compile a good track record of creating content that people want to watch. One of our key strategies, therefore, is to continue to invest in quality and compelling content.