The Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) variety programme, Takeshi’s Castle, celebrates its tenth year on the air in the UK with a new six-part series scheduled to broadcast in the UK starting March 8, 2013. The show is being reintroduced as Takeshi’s Castle Rebooted with the award-winning comic duo Rich and Dom (Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood) taking over as the voices of the show. The new series is partly filmed in Japan during a visit by the UK programme producer to Tokyo.

Originally aired in Japan from 1986 to 1990, Takeshi’s Castle was a highly popular viewer-participation entertainment show. On each show, a volunteer army of viewers, under the leadership of General Tani (Hayato Tani), known as General Lee in the UK, would storm the castle defended by Count Takeshi (Beat Takeshi), who drove them into a series of wacky obstacles with some hilarious mishaps along the way. Even after going off the air, Takeshi’s Castle has remained popular in Japan and around the world and has been sold into 159 countries and territories.