Miramar children’s television company Pukeko Pictures, has inked a deal with Chinese production house Grand Entertainment to produce a kid’s show that will be screened to an audience of 600 million, according to Television New Zealand (TVNZ).

Pukeko Pictures has signed a memorandum of understanding with Grand Entertainment to provide technical and creative assistance in making 200 episodes of Apple Dog’s Adventure (200 x 10′). The show is aimed at the preschool market and will use live-action puppets to tell the story of a dog with a magical apple growing from the end of its tail teaching simple life lessons. The main character is based on a loved series of Chinese books and the screenplay was written by Ge Bing.

Last year Grand Entertainment screened Pukeko Pictures’ The WotWots in China.

“It is not going to employ a lot of people here. It will be fairly small from that aspect but for our purpose it is about understanding the Chinese market, how things are done at a production level, then being able to collaborate with the Chinese on something we actually believe could be a very exciting show,” said Pukeko Pictures Chief Executive, Andrew Smith.