Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, Asia Pacifi c, Universal Networks International

Wish 1 “There are so many things that I wish for this year. Firstly I want us to take on a lot bigger distribution – bigger distribution in Japan especially! We have the Universal Channel there which is really growing well and there’s a few very interesting distribution opportunities happening in that market, exciting stuff!”

Wish 2 “Second, and I have to premise this with saying be careful what you wish for, but launching our business in India is also a big priority for us this year. We certainly have an appetite for investment and India is clearly on our radar and with all the major changes going on we’ve got some brands that would be really right for that market. ”

Wish 3 “I think my other wish will be for the Asian regional market in general. I really wish advertisers and media buyers become more informed about the opportunities in PayTV here. It’s surprising to me that in many markets in Asia, media buyers have been slow to recognise the value in a spend on subscription-based tele. The opportunties in the market for value, creative opportunties and targeted audiences advertisers can get in PayTV cannot be found in terrestrial. Buying mass market is sooooo last decade and just not cost effective.”

Jyotirmoy Saha, CEO, August Media Holdings

Wish 1 “Nowadays for kids’ content, unless there is a strong transmedia strategy, market success is likely to be limited. When I was a kid, wanting something interactive (Monopoly was as good as it got) – I was told to clean my bedroom. I wish this year, parents understand that real character can be built by not allowing your child to be subject to peer wrath from not owning that latest paid app!!”

Wish 2 “The advent of mainstream HD broadcast has managed to change the language and art of TV production. Similarly 3D Stereoscopic has given rise to a whole new style of storytelling. But I wish there would be a law against bad 3D content punishable by 100 hours of compulsory fi lm school attendance! Producers need to understand that mainstream 3D TV is still far away. Those who make us wear those clunky 3D glasses in vain need to understand that 3D titles sell for their content and not temporary vision impairment. ”

Wish 3 “All of us in the kids’ business spend most of our waking time in discussions to fi nd the right co-production partner. The right broadcast partner, the right studio partner, the list goes on. The beauty of all these discussions is that they are always driven by a single human virtue – disproportionate greed. In 2012 I wish there’d be a club of honourable gentlefolk co-producers who promise to bring up the equitable deal right away – leaving less time for discussions and more for beer. ”

Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice President, Territory Head – Fox International Channels

Wish 1 “I see progress being made in the evolution of PayTV channels and networks from being a pan-regional international service to becoming a multi-market local service. I wish to see consumers, operators and advertisers really taking advantage of this trend as it offers them so much value. For consumers, it means they have access to channels that resonate with their local ethos and cultures. For operators, this translates into having a bouquet of channels and services that compete with the terrestrial channels. ”

Wish 2 “The theft of content through virtual and real forms will ultimately make the content and affi liated industries unviable. My wish is that 2012 will be a year when we as an industry come together to tackle this issue more thoroughly. I hope to see providers developing more anywhere/anyhow/anytime content consumption options to counter the threat of OTT services. ”

Wish 3 “The PayTV business has been relatively sheltered from many of the global fi nancial uncertainties of late. Maybe wishing away all the fi nancial problems in the world is too much to ask for but I hope that the PayTV industry in Asia will live up to its true potential and we’ll all have a great 2012! ”

Aubeck Kam, Chief Executive, Media Development Authority of Singapore

Wish 1 “First off; better scripts! It’s something that makes such an impact and a great script can truly make a difference to a production and its value. Writers in the region need to be recognised more for their talents and contribution to creative projects. ”

Wish 2 “Second would be a call for better collaboration between creative professionals. Producers need to be more knowledgeable about what the writers are doing, writers need to be more involved in the production, composers and musicians also need to be involved more. Getting your fi nal product up and done is such a collective endeavour and so the most successful ones will be the companies that work closely with the best people and to all contribute to the project. ”