Singapore – Viewership for MTV and Nickelodeon in Southeast Asia increased by double digits in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines, in the fourth quarter of 2011. According to Kantar Media in Singapore, MTV saw a 5.3 per cent increase, reaching more than 156,000 viewers aged between 12 and 34. The research firm also found that MTV Philippines achieved an increase in viewership of 18.8 per cent, watched by more than 1.12 million viewers aged between 12 to 24 years. In Malaysia, AGB Nielsen reported that MTV saw an increase in viewership by more than 24.5 per cent, reaching an estimated 436,000 viewers aged 12 to 24 years. In all three markets, Nickelodeon reported that it achieved its highest viewership for 2011 in the fourth quarter. Market highlights include; Singapore, where the network saw a 30 per cent increase in ratings driven by the 4 to 14 age group; a 9 per cent increase in reach in Malaysia to some 1.2 million kids aged 4 to 14 years; and an increase of 31.3 per cent in the Philippines among kids aged 2 to 6.