This year’s MIPCOM saw multiple cross-platform deals made, blurring the lines that once separated television from the digital sphere. Miramax, Netflix and Fox Broadcasting Company are three examples of this digitalization of TV taking place. Miramax, which attended its first MIPCOM this year, signed a string of digital distribution deals, including agreements with Netflix and Hulu. Netflix, an American provider of on-demand internet streaming media in North and Latin America, itself acquired first-run rights to David Fincher’s US remake of UK drama series House of Cards as well as the rights for the North American premiere of Tom Fontana’s Borgia series from distributor Beta Film. Earlier this year, Fox pre-released an episode of new comedy New Girl, on iTunes and VOD and resulted in more than two million downloads. Positive word of mouth on social networking sites like Facebook, also gave the network its biggest comedy ratings score in 10 years. Anne Sweeny, Disney Media Networks Co-Chair and Disney/ABC Television Group President, summed this up in her keynote address. “The lines between content and technology are blurring. Digital technology didn’t disrupt our business, it transformed it. Digital didn’t weaken the power of television, it unleashed it.”