Hong Kong – FashionTV is extending its 3D programming for FashionTV H3D on AsiaSat 5 from December 1. The H3D programming block on FTV HD channel will be increased from the current 4 times a day for 10 minutes each to a regular 30-minute 3D window four times a day, available to viewers in 53 countries across AsiaSat 5’s Asia-Pacific-wide footprint. This new initiative is driven by the rapid sale of 3D TV sets and increasing demand for 3D content potentially as a choice of product differentiation for pay operators in the marketplace. Michel Adam, President and CEO of FashionTV said, “As a leader in fashion broadcasting we are also happy to pioneer this new technology in co-operation with AsiaSat. Our increased 3D programming is one more step in offering our customers and viewers access to the latest trends not only in Fashion but also in Technology.”