CNN International announced that it will be airing the NHK-produced documentary, Surviving the Tsunami. The documentary gives viewers a comprehensive look at the destructive power of the catastrophic tsunami on March 11th, 2011, as well as the extraordinary tales of human survival. Surviving the Tsunami utilizes rare NHK footage on the ground and from the air in the badly-hit Tohoku region only minutes after the earthquake, in addition to amateur videos recorded by local residents. The programme provides an in-depth scientific analysis of the mechanism of the tsunami, reveals how some people made narrow escapes, and also provides first-hand accounts of those who outlived the waves, shedding light on the essential skills of survival in the face of life-threatening situations. Surviving the Tsunami premieres on CNN International in Europe, the Middle East and Latin America on July 23 at 9pm CET and in Asia and South Asia on July 24 at 7pm HKT.