St Louis, Missouri / Universal City, California/ London – Cepia LLC has announced a worldwide television rights and home entertainment arrangement with Universal Pictures to release two feature-length, animated films based on the popular toy hamster ZhuZhu Pets. Quest for Zhu and Power of Zhu will debut exclusively on DVD in 2011 and 2012 respectively. With well over 62 million toy hamsters sold across more than 65 countries, the ZhuZhu Pets have achieved a loyal fanbase of “Zhu-natics” since they launched in 2009. ZhuZhu Pets has won “Toy of the Year” awards in US, UK, Australia, Russia, Norway, Brazil and Czech Republic. Cepia LLC has teamed up with Los Angeles-based, multi-Emmy and British Academy Award winning production company Moonscoop ( Jakers, Clifford, The Big Red Dog, Chloe’s Closet) and writer Sean Catherine Derek (Smurfs, Spiderman and Mortal Combat) and 3-D animation studio Prana Animation Studios, Inc. (TRON: Legacy, Tinker Bell) to bring the Zhu-niverse to life in 3-D stereoscopic animation. Both movies star the four original ZhuZhu Pets characters (Pipsqueak!, Mr Squiggles!, NumNums! And Chunk!), who explore the Zhu-niverse through adventurous, heartwarming and heroic tales.