Singapore – Asia’s economy, its business, politics, society and environment are among the subjects that will come under the microscope in ‘Power of Asia’, a new month-long season of content across the BBC’s international news services, on TV, radio and online, beginning 10 June. BBC World News daily news is kicking off this season with the launch of new program Newsday, presented live from Singapore and London starting 13 June. Timed for mornings in Asia, Newsday will deliver an overview of the day’s big news stories, as well as the latest business and sports updates every hour from 8 to 11 am, Mondays to Fridays. “There are so many fascinating questions around Asia at the moment. Is the region’s extraordinary growth sustainable? How will the key players maintain relations with their neighbours? What does Asia’s growth mean for the environment and biodiversity? What about its trading partners, and its economic rivals? Just how does today’s Asia view the world? And how does the world see Asia? The Power of Asia of season gives us the chance to explore these in real depth,” Richard Porter, Acting Controller of English at BBC Global News said.