Hong Kong – Pakistan’s ARY Digital Network has signed a new agreement for one 36 MHz C-band transponder with Asia Satellite Telecommunications on AsiaSat 3S to deliver a bouquet of up to 11 satellite channels across the Asia-Pacific region. ARY Digital Network’s offerings on AsiaSat 3S include its flagship entertainment channel ARY Digital Asia, news channel ARY News, music channel ARY Musik, religious channel ARY Qtv, food channel ARY Zauq, contribution feeds of ARY Digital for the Middle East, UK/Europe and U.S. markets and the joint venture channels HBO Pakistan and Nickelodeon Pakistan. The ARY Digital bouquet is now available on AsiaSat 3S in C-band with an 11V transponder, 4060 MHz frequency, vertical polarization and QPSK modulation. Symbol rate: 26.67 Msym/sec; FEC : 3/4.